What should I bring to the hospital when I give birth? I probably don’t need to list the basics such as clothes for you and baby and of course a toothbrush and toiletries, but I thought I’d share a few of my favourite must-haves for hospital birth that don't usually ma...

Why should I attend a childbirth education class? Many parents ask themselves this question. Whether you’re delivering your first child or your fifth, a good childbirth education class can help you feel confident and prepared for your birth experience and bringing your...

Dilation and effacement. These are the standard ways that healthcare providers evaluate progress during labour, but there is more to the story! Penny Simkin, author of The Birth Partner and DONA International co-founder, says there are 6 ways to progress in labour. 


Doulas aren’t just for the birthing person. We support partners as well!

I met a birth professional a few months ago who surprised me with her misunderstanding of the doula role. She harbored the same misconception that many people hold; a birthing person with a support...

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