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10 Things You Need to Pack for Your Hospital Birth

What should I bring to the hospital when I give birth? I probably don’t need to list the basics such as clothes for you and baby and of course a toothbrush and toiletries, but I thought I’d share a few of my favourite must-haves for hospital birth that don't usually make it onto everyone's list.

1. “Sac magique” or heating pad

A warm compress can be very helpful to relax tense muscles and wonderful for back labour. Most hospital birthing centers don’t have “sac magique” warm compresses or heating pads for patients, so it’s up to you to bring your own. Many doulas have these in their doula bag

2. Pillows

Bring 1-2 extra pillows from home! Some hospitals only give 1 pillow per patient, and let’s be clear it’s a hospital pillow, so yours is probably much more comfy. An extra pillow can be very useful for labour positions, postpartum sleep and breastfeeding.

3. Bathing suit for your partner

A warm shower is often a great way to cope with pain in labour. Make your partner packs a bathing suit, so they can join you in the shower and continue to provide physical and emotional support even while you’re under the warm water.

4. Flip flops for you and your partner

Hospital showers are sanitized between each new patient, but I still suggest bringing a set of flip flops or waterproof sandals for the shower as you would for the gym.