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Doulas Are for Partners Too!

Doulas aren’t just for the birthing person. We support partners as well!

I met a birth professional a few months ago who surprised me with her misunderstanding of the doula role. She harbored the same misconception that many people hold; a birthing person with a supportive partner doesn’t need a doula. ("What?!" I thought to myself. Everyone can benefit from having a doula!) This view is founded on the false belief that doulas replace the partner in their supportive role. Our job isn’t to replace the birth partner; our job is to enhance their role and support them through this wonderful adventure of birth.

Since this professional is unfortunately not alone in this belief, I thought I’d share a few examples of how doulas support partners.

1. Partners may feel unable to meet all the needs of the birthing person. Many partners are relieved to share coaching duties. Some labours require continuous physical support, so having someone with whom to share the physical work can help keep everyone’s energy up. Labour can also be quite an emotional journey. The doula offers a calm and reassuring presence for everyone.