Postpartum Doula Support

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*****I am currently unable to provide in-person postpartum support in Montreal. I am happy to refer you to my colleague Mika Rock and the Doula Circle:*****

The first few weeks at home with your newborn baby are very exciting. You will be getting to know your new baby and learning about yourself as a parent. It will be an adjustment period in your parenthood journey, and sometimes an extra hand can make the transition smoother. BirthWise offers postpartum doula services during daytime and nighttime.


Postpartum doula services include:

  • Support for emotional and physical recovery.

  • Education and assistance with newborn care, including evidence-based information on infant feeding and soothing.

  • Breastfeeding support.

  • Assistance with meal preparation and practical support.

  • Referrals to local resources, such as postpartum support groups, lactation consultants and community activities.


Postpartum doula packages:

  • Standard postpartum doula care: $39/hour (minimum 3 hours)

  • 12 hours of postpartum doula care: $429 (minimum 3 hour session per visit)

  • $305 for 8 hours overnight

young siblings

Postpartum Doula Support

$39/hour (minimum 3 hours)

$429 for 12 hours

Mother and Baby

Overnight Postpartum Doula

8 hours overnight