Breastfeeding Essentials for Twins and More

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Group and Private Classes Available

Who is this class for?

This class is specifically designed to help prepare parents who are expecting twins or higher multiples for their breastfeeding experience and an opportunity to have your questions answered by a qualified lactation professional in a supportive environment.


What will I learn?

You’ll learn the essentials skills and evidence-based information you need to get a great start and continue breastfeeding with confidence and comfort from the early days with your new babies, getting into a successful breastfeeding rhythm and tips for the following later months of lactation.

A few more essentials we will review:

  • How to prepare for breastfeeding and build your support team

  • How to stay comfortable and healthy when you’re breastfeeding around the clock

  • How to create a good latch for every feeding

  • Positions for breastfeeding a newborn and beyond

  • How to know when your baby is hungry

  • How to know your baby is getting enough milk

  • How to ensure a good milk supply

  • How to prevent and troubleshoot common issues (Ex. Sore nipples)

  • What to do for engorgement

  • Bottles and pacifiers when breastfeeding

  • Where and when to get breastfeeding help

A few essentials we will review for twins and higher multiples:

  • Preparing for breastfeeding more than one baby

  • How to ensure a good milk supply for more than one baby

  • Breastfeeding positions for twins

  • Breastfeeding considerations for early-term and premature babies

  • How to ensure your babies are all getting enough

  • Ensuring a good start and protecting your milk supply in particular circumstances (planned c-section, induction, babies in NICU, weaning from supplements)

  • Pumping in the first 6 weeks. Do I need to pump? Where to start?

  • Building your  support team

  • Online and community resources for breastfeeding twins and higher multiples

  • And more!

Where and when is this class given?

Private classes are given in the comfort of you home or backyard or online via Zoom. Group classes are given online via Zoom.


Group classes (maximum 5 families):

  • September 5, 2021 - 1:30pm to 5pm - Online

  • November date TBA

         Price: $89 per family. 

Please send us an email to register for your class. 

Private classes:

  • Scheduled at your conveniencePlease call or email to schedule your class. 

        Price: $129 for 3 hour private class

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